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Nancy Andrews, RDH, BS

Nancy Andrews RDH BSMs. Andrews graduated from, and was a clinical instructor in Dental Hygiene at University of Southern California and teaches General and Oral Pathology, clinical radiology and Dental Hygiene and Infection Control at West Coast University Dept. of Dental Hygiene.  She is a nationally recognized speaker, author and consultant, focusing on infectious diseases, clinical safety, instrument sharpening, ergonomics and preventive dentistry.  Ms. Andrews is a “top 100 U.S. Speaker”, and is on the California Dental Assoc., ADA and OSAP speaker’s / Consultants bureaus.  Ms. Andrews is an experienced author of journal articles, has contributed to textbook chapters and guidelines such as the 2009 ADA Infection Control Wall Poster, CE courses, newsletters, product literature and website content.


Seminars + Clinics
Presented by Nancy Andrews RDH,BS

Dental Infection Control & Evolving Pathogens

4 hour slide presentation with some hands-on participation
This seminar explores personal health issues such as new and altered diseases of importance to dental professionals such as biofilm diseases, and very infectious respiratory, skin, droplet or airborne diseases, as well as co-morbidities such as chronic conditions and allergies.  These issues are discussed relative to occupational risk, illness prevention, and post exposure responses.    Standard and transmission-based precautions along with work restrictions for dental workers are presented, with demonstrations, and activities.

Learning Objectives
Attendees will:

  • Review well-known infectious diseases
  • Be able to explain current trends in infectious diseases
  • Identify emerging disease risks of importance to dentistry
  • Be informed of key decision criteria needed to prepare for unexpected risks
  • Apply infection control and safety strategies to usual and unusual disease risks

Lesions & Lifestyles

3 hour slide presentation and discussion

Course Description
This seminar is a review of oral pathology for dental auxiliaries, using case studies and patient histories to “tell the stories” of conditions that present as “abnormal”, or “suspicious”.  The conditions are presented according to how they appear clinically.  Interactive processes are used to arrive at a differential diagnosis for each case, and assessment /diagnostic strategies and technology are discussed.

Course Outline:

  • Adjectives and Nouns: Descriptive Terms
  • Review of key oral soft tissue pathologies
  • Soft Tissue Enlargements
  • Lesions of color
  • Texture changes
  • Ulcerations
  • Current trends and concerns related to oral pathology
  • Soft tissue lesion detection and assessment using current technologies

Learning Objectives:
Attendees will review and analyze:

  • Accurately describe oral lesions using correct terminology
  • Differentiate representative oral soft tissue pathologies
  • Update awareness of current trends related to oral pathology